http://www.usedqtips.com/ <--- That is a new amazing site that I have. GO THERE AND BE AMAZED :3c
Alright. Nothing new, really. Like, really, at all. Seth and I have been playing quite a bit of StarCraft...
Testing some editing software, getting used to it. Hopefully going to be getting a new computer soon, which means more videos! Woo!
Alrighty, the site is back to the way it was before I started messing with the sexiness of it. Now it's at least 20 times sexier than before, and trust me, that's a lot of sexy. A full list of changes has been posted on our Blog, link in the menu. There's also a list (hidden in a text globule) of things I still need/want to do/change. Yeah.
Almost exactly 24 hours after not posting the last update to the world, I have completed the front page! HUZZAH! The rest of the site looks like crap right now, because I'm lazy, updates shall progress soon. EDIT 3: K, link taken down because I'm done fighting with the CSS.
Hey, just doing some awesomeness updates right now. PHP is so completely bitchin'. You have absolutly no idea.
Awwwww yeah, almost Winter Break. Can't wait to see Tron: Legacy, gonna be jawesome. Yeah, just trying out Vim, enjoying it. Oh yeah, and I haven't worked on the site at all. I'm too cool for school.
Heh. Yeah, I'm updating again. I'm planning on getting a server for myself instead of sharing. It'd allow me to do MORE fun stuff with the site. I also want to get another server for MineCraft and Ventrilo. So yeah.
Date format change. I'm not gonna bother with the other dates, just so that it's more difficult for the end-user. /snicker Anyway, some site changes. I was bored on this glorious Black Friday, so I decided to revamp some behind-the-scenes stuff with the site (for example, condensing the different .css files into one site-wide file, and some other stupid crap I did poorly because I was lazy). There will be more stuff, since I still have Saturday and Sunday and I'm most likely going to be intensely bored those days as well.
10/10/10 UPDATE! Yeah whatever. This really isn't much, because I haven't done anything. Hopefully I'll get around to recording some Pokemon Black footage. But until then WOOOOOOOOOOOOO
News: Pokemon Black and White is out, got a ROM, 3DS coming out in March in the US, $250-$300. Exciting I KNOW.
Holy bajeezus it's been forever. Well, I might stream/record Pokemon Black if people want it. It's interesting and really friggin' cool. Who knows.
Kakuro has (had for a while now) a Wii! Yay! Now, once a capture card is purchased and installed (cough end of summer cough) then recording quality for everything (aka Pokemon & MH3) will be a lot better.
Stream page. It might be a lot laggy-er, but it's simple. I'll put a link to the page itself on the Stream page, in case of TOO MUCH LAGGY-NESS. Kthxbai.
Woohoo! A site update! SO SOON? inorite? Made a video section, just because. Don't want this front page to be cluttered more than it needs to be, now do we? Kthxbai.
So yeah, new update. Nothing's changed. What a surprise. Maybe I'll make a video and post it somewhere. *shrug*
The 'teams' page now leads to a giant loop, basically. Still working up the motivation to work my way through the craptastic code that was my basic HTML page. 'wtf?' still isn't up, though it may be later tonight. Also, the background color is better, much like the old one, which copied (*cough* stole) from Serebii.
The website redesign is almost complete. I might change the colors, because they look like crap. 'wtf?' still isn't up, but that's just because I'm lazy. Oh yeah, 'teams' isn't wokring, again, because I'm lazy.