d> SvK: SethvsKakuro

No hax stats (over 510 EVs, 999 of any stat, things like that)

Sleep Clause: You cannot put two of your opponent's Pokemon to sleep at the same time. (Rest not applicable) ## NOTE: One of Seth's Psychic teams relies on sleep. We request that if you want to fight this team, that we disregard the Sleep Clause. Thank you. ##

Evasion Clause: No moves that increase evasion such as Double Team and Minimize may be used. Things like Sand-Attack and Sand Veil are still legal.

Species Clause: No two of the same Pokemon may be used on one team.

One Hit KO Clause: One hit ko moves such as Horn Drill or Sheer Cold are not to be used.

Uber Clause: No Uber Pokemon are allowed. These Pokemon include: -Mewtwo -Mew -Ho-oh -Lugia -Kyogre -Groudon -Rayquaza -Deoxys (all forms) -Dialga -Palkia -Giratina -Darkrai -Arceus -Manaphy -Wobbuffet

Item Clause: 4 or more Pokemon cannot hold the same item in your party (the max is 3) with the exception of the choice items and focus sashes(one each per team) One choice scarf, one choice band ect. ---The item Soul Dew is banned.---